In India, almost all of the general physicians will prescribe only the branded medicines. When we say branded - we mean doctors are prescribing you with Lariago® by IPCA Laboratories instead of Chloroquine Phosphate. Remember, the doctors benefit from such recommendations as you are likely to visit the nearest pharma store who will have the tie-up with the doctor. Moreover, the whole nexus in the pharma industry {ink TL5} is such that no one will dare speak the truth about generics because it is not in anyone's interest. It brings us the fundamental question of how and when the customers will ever know that something like 'generics' exists and that it can help save their precious money?

One needs to understand that the contents know generic medicines they carry instead of any branded name. They are made in the same facility as the branded ones as more than 70% of the companies that manufactures branded medicines also produces generic ones. The only difference is the packaging and the way the how branded drugs are marketing, which brings benefits to everyone in the ecosystem – doctors who prescribe it, pharma companies who manufacture it, and medical stores who sell it.

To know about generics is a little too tricky for a novice since they are trapped by the mighty powers who bombard them with the branded medicines. In such cases, we already discussed how creating patients awareness (Link TL 6} can kickstart the cycle of consciousness. Many such awareness sources include news channels, newspapers, government decisions, etc. which points to generics, but unfortunately, those voices are too low and scattered. Therefore, we, as a chain of generic pharma stores, are promoting awareness in our full capacity. The idea behind this is first to let people know that the 'generics' exists. And second, run ground activations by guerrilla marketing in small centers and tier-III cities where niche media reach is nearly impossible.

Let us tell you how we are driving the truth about generics
- Customer Touchbase: We have 30+ stores across cities in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Many customers come to us to buy generics, but they consider it as 'cheap replacements' of what their doctors suggest. For instance, for a city like Valsad in Gujarat, we can't make the people understand real differences, unlike what we do in Mumbai. The only currency to deal with the customers there is to inform that these are less-priced alternatives to the ones prescribed by the doctor. Here, our store staff tells the truth about buying generics.

- Through Ads: In the past, we have run ads and campaigns on radio and newspapers informing the audience about generics. We ran a few snippets on the local TV channels about how generic medicine is for the betterment of society. Our sole intent was to spill out the truth, which is not limited to the price difference.

- Online Features: We have been featured in media when we started with selling the cheapest generic options to draw attention. To date, we hold the truth that medicines are expensive, but they are made so by the pharma companies.

The Bottomline
Time and again, we have put down the efforts to be a whistle-blower and hold the truth about the generics. What the ecosystem lack is the dominant players who are vocal, authoritative, and consistent with the voice around generics. For example, a small news show of Aamir Khan promoting generics does no good if he doesn't support it now and then. The key is to be consistent with the truth because we are collectively fighting the battle to punch down the ages of ignorance, and it requires patience like no other.