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Alfunol-D Tablet 10'S contains Alfuzosin (alpha-blockers) and Dutasteride (5-alpha reductase inhibitor), fundamentally used to treat the augmented prostate organ. Alfuzosin makes it simple to pass pee by loosening up the muscles of the prostate organ. Dutasteride decreases the broadened prostate organ's size by bringing down the development of dihydrotestosterone chemical, accordingly letting the side effects free from urinary incontinence that limits the requirement for prostate medical procedure and the gamble of intense urinary maintenance. All in all, the two of them work on the side effects of Benign Hyperplasia Prostate (BPH).

Uses and Benefits

  • Dutasteride brings down the creation of dihydrotestosterone chemical, which prompts a decline in the size of the prostate and, thus, eases the side effects.
  • This will decrease the gamble of intense urinary maintenance and the requirement for medical procedures.
  • Alfuzosin makes it simple to pass urine by loosening up the muscles of the organ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does Alfuzosin recoil the prostate?
A. No, Alfuzosin doesn't recoil the size of the prostate. It has a place with an alpha-blocker class of prescriptions. It works by loosening up muscles of the bladder and prostate to permit pee to stream all the more without any problem. It helps in letting side effects free from a broadened prostate.
Q. Might Alfuzosin at any point cause erectile brokenness?
A. No, Alfuzosin doesn't cause erectile brokenness. In actuality, it might help in working in such conditions. In any case, this medication might cause an excruciating erection (priapism) which doesn't disappear. In the event that priapism isn't dealt with you will most likely be unable to get an erection later on.
Q. When would it be advisable for me to take Alfuzosin?
A. Alfuzosin ought to be taken after dinner simultaneously every day. Try not to cut, pulverise, or bite the medication, however gulp down it with water.

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