Everyone works hard to earn money; then, save it for the future. Of course, there are many traditional ways, such as Fixed deposits, opening saving account, gold saving, and so on. But there are some other weird ways which can be helpful to save money in day to day life.

Save petrol:

After medicine, another costly thing is petrol. So, save it whenever possible. Turn off the vehicle during signals, prefer walking for small distances, and try to share cars with colleagues and friends. For example, if you have a daily regular hour commute and you know someone in your neighbourhood who has the same hour commute, talk to them about a carpool, even if it's an odd one.

Shop during the end of season sale:
Many branded shops give 50 to 60% discounts during End of Season sales. These sales are a good way to save money, so wait for such deals and go shopping during this time.
Watch for coupons and codes:
If you like online shopping, then watch for codes and coupons. Many online shopping stores provide discount coupons. One can get exclusive coupons or discount vouchers or unique code from newspapers or some social media sites and can save money.
Replace branded with generic:
Most of the Indians sped their money on medicines. Buying medicines are now an everyday need for everyone. According to research, Indians spend 40-50% of their salary on medications. However, here is the trick, which helps you to save a lot. Buying generic medicine will save lots of money as they are 50-70% cheaper than branded ones. Generic medication is precisely the same as the branded medicines, so switching to branded ones will not be adverse; instead, it will be beneficial.
Book your flight tickets in incognito mode:
Instead of buying tickets on an emergency note, earlier booking can save money. Thus, plan your trip earlier and book at least 2 to 3 months before and make sure you use the incognito mode of your browser to avoid cookies.