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  • Foracort Rotacap is a mixed medication containing formoterol and budesonide. It is used to relieve side effects from asthma and COPD like wheezing, windedness, chest snugness, and so forth. It ought to be utilised as recommended and not ceased except if exhorted by your physician, as an unexpected stoppage can make the sickness deteriorate. Migraine, queasiness, heaving, hack, bothering in the throat and palpitations are a couple of secondary effects that you might experience in the wake of taking this medication. Consult your physician assuming that you notice any white patches in your mouth or experience any distress or new side effects on the utilisation of the medication. Illuminate your physician in the event that you are pregnant, arranging a pregnancy or breastfeeding and pretty much every one of the medications and enhancements you take and every one of the circumstances or sicknesses you experience the ill effects of, prior to beginning Foracort Rotacap

Benefits of FORACORT 400MG ROTACAP 30'S

  • The Foracort 400 Rotacap assists the aviation routes in your lungs while remaining open.,It relaxes the muscles of these aviation routes.,It will alleviate side effects like snugness in your chest, windedness, wheezing and hacking and assist you with doing your day to day exercises all the more without any problem.

Frequently asked questions about FORACORT 400MG ROTACAP 30'S

Foracort 400 Rotacap is endorsed to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma. The side effects might incorporate wheezing, windedness, and breathing troubles.

No, don't quit taking the Foracort 400 Rotacap. In the event that you quit taking Foracort 400 Rotacap, your side effects might return and may prompt serious complications . Accept your medication as prompted by your PCP.

No, taking a greater amount of this medication won't make it more powerful, rather it can prompt expanded incidental effects. In the event that the side effects are not getting assuaged by the suggested dosages, if it's not too much trouble, counsel the specialist for re-assessment.


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