How effective are generic drugs?

Since generic drugs are cheaper than branded ones, it is bound to create questions on their quality, effectiveness, and reliability. But, the truth is – there is no difference between both types of drugs.

You need to understand that generic drugs are clones of branded drugs or company name medications. So generic drugs are as effective as the branded ones. So The branded ones are made expensive (roughly 80-85% ) than Generic medications simply because the producers have a pharma network that eats a large pie out of single strip or medicine, and they also run ads and distribute free samples to physicians. To cover such costs, branded drugs are priced high. To understand the effectiveness of a generic drug, you need to understand the gameplan of branded one as they launch a new product to the market with a considerable amount of investment in the medication’s science, production, advertisement, and promotion. Perhaps, in the same plan, they may manufacture the same medicine with the same ingredients, but with a generic name and out goes the question of quality.

Both generic and branded drugs have the same dose, planned application, results, and side effects, route of delivery, dangers, health, and intensity as the initial medication. Therefore, effectiveness is not compromised at all. Branded or generic, both have almost the same pharmacological effects. The compliance to run a pharma plant is the same for any company – branded or generic, and more than 50% of the brand-name companies account for generic drug development.

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