Role of eating on time in controlling the body functions

We continually struggle with work, personal, and social lives since we live in a hectic society. And this leads to frequently neglecting the most valuable resource—our health—as we become caught up in daily chores and work.

Role of eating on time

Skipping meals or not eating meals on time throws off our body’s circadian cycle — a natural, roughly 24-hour cycle of biological processes in living organisms, including animals, plants, and even some bacteria, is driven by an internal body clock and regulated by external cues, such as sunlight and temperature. During the cycle, the body performs functions such as sleeping, eating, and producing hormones.

Role of eating on time in  controlling the body functions

This can interfere with our bodily systems’ harmony. A full stomach prevents mood swings and keeps you in good spirits. Therefore, it is important to schedule your meal times to make your life easier and healthier.

The three meals we need to eat daily for a healthy existence are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We all talk about nutrient-rich our food is but overlook the value of eating food on time. Skipping meals or eating them at the wrong times leads to health issues and even chronic illnesses in children.

1) Regulates the body cycle

The forces under our control—proper nutrition, a healthy sleep schedule, and regulated meal timing—must all be maintained. These routines help the body adapt to a cyclical rhythm. Thus, following a strict eating schedule is crucial to keep the body in its proper order.

2) Detoxifies the body

When you eat food on time, your body obtains various nutrients. The liver performs detoxification, which is a key function. It causes stress on your body when you consume a meal at 10 o’clock or later, which is quite close to when you go to bed because the liver detoxifies while you sleep. You should eat dinner promptly to prevent the detoxification process from being hampered.

3) Boosts metabolism

Metabolism refers to changes that happen chemically within a living cell or organism. The resources and energy required for cell growth, reproduction, and health are produced by metabolism changes.

Your metabolism is also influenced by the time you eat. Our metabolism is at its maximum when we first wake up. Eating breakfast two hours after waking up is advised. Your body can only maintain the metabolic rate if you feel it now. Your metabolism slows down during the day.

4) Healthy eating schedule

A healthy food schedule is essential. It takes 3–4 hours to digest a meal properly. It’s ideal not to keep a gap of more than 4 hours between the two meals. Fruits and snacks must be consumed in between meals. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner intervals should include at least two snacks.

5) The ideal time for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Experts recommend eating breakfast within two hours of waking up. Your metabolism will slow down if you don’t. The better it is for your metabolism and general health, the sooner you have breakfast after waking up.

From 12 to 2 o’clock, our digestive power is at its peak. Here, the body will digest all the nutrients from the meal, which are then absorbed by the body.

Maintaining a 4-hour window between lunch and dinnertime, one should consume their dinner by 8 p.m. Additionally, there should be a 2-hour window between dinner and bedtime. This gap aids in better digestion and restful sleep.

Having regular eating habits aids kids in developing without any illnesses. It enables kids to keep a sufficient supply of calcium, vitamins, and other minerals crucial for their growth. For instance, a lack of Vitamin D can cause rickets disease in children. A healthy meal is full of nutrients and can keep children active throughout the day. Also, it helps children to focus on schoolwork without being concerned about hunger.

Adult chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart conditions, and other types of cancer are less likely to occur with a proper nutritional diet. It lowers the dangers to one’s health that can lead to disease and death. Eating meals on time can help keep a body healthy, maintain body weight, and you’ll have fewer health issues.


Your body has an inbuilt intelligence that can direct your eating throughout the day; all we need to do is cultivate and fortify our capacity to hear it. In our previous blog post, we described the various forms of hunger and various treatments for it. Our bodies build those dependable hunger cues with the aid of regular meal timing, making it easier for us to recognize and react to them in a way that benefits our bodies.

Our ability to recognize our hunger and fullness cues will improve as we do, and we’ll begin to notice minor daily variations. It’s okay if we eat more frequently and in larger portions on some days and less frequently on others. It is best to stick to food timings to live a healthy life.

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