Why there is lack of awareness about generic medicines in India?

There are several reasons why there may be a lack of awareness about generic medicines in India. Some of these reasons include:

Marketing and advertising: Pharmaceutical companies often engage in heavy marketing and advertising for their brand-name drugs, which can lead to greater awareness and preference for these drugs over generic alternatives.

Misconceptions about quality: Some people may believe that generic medicines are of lower quality or less effective than brand-name drugs. However, generic drugs must meet the same strict regulatory standards as brand-name drugs and are often just as effective.

Limited access to information: Many people may not have access to accurate information about generic medicines, or may not know where to find such information.

Doctor recommendations: Doctors may be more likely to prescribe brand-name drugs, which can contribute to a lack of awareness about generic alternatives.

Overall, increasing awareness about the safety, effectiveness, and availability of generic medicines could help to improve access to affordable medications for more people in India.


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